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 1-2-1 Coaching / Personal Breakthrough

This is where we work with you to overcome limiting beliefs and negative emotions towards your goals. We apply many techniques of NLP and TimeLine Therapy (TM) in order to overcome your mental blocks and obstacles in you attaining a more content, happy and fulfilling lifestyle. This is all part of the change process.

The individual is taken through an introduction so every technique and stage is transparentat every step; giving YOU the surety, confidence and trust that YOUR practitioner is genuine and honest.

The foremost requirements are that YOU, the client: 

  • Does want to change and overcome their limitations, negative beliefs in order to achieve the desired outcome;
  • Is willing to take FULL responsibility of their past, present and future lifestyle that they are now wanting to go on;
  • Will be 100% committed to taking action and achieving results;
  • Understands that in order to progress forward from where they are in order to achieve their desired results, they MUST invest in themselves with time and effort. ALL of these must be present for them to achieve the optimum results.
  • Acknowledge that they WILL be held accountable towards their goals in order to further progress.

Only when they do take action, then they will see the results.

This is combined with Hypnosis in order to embed these positive changes.

There is ongoing email support and a follow-up session after 1 month and also a follow-up phone call after 3 months; just so you you are being taken care of with the utmost service.

The difference between 1-2-1 Coaching and Personal Breakthrough is that whilst the Personal Breakthrough is over 2 days; the 1-2-1 Coaching can be ongoing for upto 6months. Both are followed up by the hypnosis and follow-up session and phone call.




What’s the value for YOU if you’ve been single and lonely for years to finally have your true soul mate?

What’s the value for YOU if you’ve been overweight for years to finally get thin, stay thin and look and feel totally confident?

What’s the value for YOU if you have an out-of-control child for years to finally turn such behaviour around and have a peaceful home?

What’s the value for YOU if you have a failing business for years to finally grow your business by leaps and bounds?

What’s the value for YOU if you have a dead-end job for years to finally find your ideal job and passion?

What’s the value for YOU in saving your failing marriage or relationship? Yet the cost of divorce, custody, legal battles, embarrassment, losing the house, searching for love again after all these years, emotional pain, impact on your work and career, impact on you and the children: is much, much greater.

The reality is that these results often fall into the “priceless” category.

Can you really put a price on love or health?

***Included in this program:

  • 2 coaching calls per month,

  • Clarity goal setting,

  • Off-loading emotional baggage and limiting beliefs,

  • Awareness of primary resources and how to maximise them,

  • Increase maximum confidence,

  • Resolve internal conflict and dialogue,

  • Understand and learn your strategies for daily tasks,

  • Understand the need for gratitude and forgiveness in order to achieve your goals,

  • How to shift your mindset completely in order to achieve your goals,

  • Understand that the limits and obstacles to achieve your goals are not external,

  • Time management, organisation and how to prioritise,

  • Tasked with specifics actions towards your goal,

  • Held accountable and responsible towards goals,

  • Understand how to enjoy and have fun on this journey,

  • And much more...

***Your requirement:

  • Full on commitment with your time, effort and tasks,

  • Burning desire to succeed and press forward,

  • At a point in life where NOW is the time.

  • Be willing to pay the price with the investment. The investment is to achieve the results.  


    This SIX months coaching program is ONLY £ 2,497.00 OR £ 497.00 per month for 6 months.

    Contact me NOW to book coaching with me in order to achieve these desired results, on: with your name and number and briefly your issues you need support with.