" I decided to arrrange some NLP/counselling sessions after experiencing a lot of negative feelings and emotions in my life. I searched around on the internet and came across Tripod Training. After an initial phone conversation I decided to arrange an appointment.  I was pleasantly surprised after my first session. The negative state that I was in was transformed, I felt a lot more clearer about what I wanted and very positive about achieving my goals.  The relief I felt at the end of the very first session was how I had previoiusly felt after four months of counselling with a psychotherapist. During my sessions I worked on some goals I wanted to achieve, as a result I went on to complete a professional qualification that I had been previously trying to complete with little motivaton. 


I would recommend Tripod Training to anyone who has become stuck and needs help to put themselves back on the right track. "


" Thank you for your time and patience, during the session.  I was nervous at the outset  but  once I started speaking to you about the issues, the nerves settled and I felt comfortable talking to you.

I didn't in any way feel judged or patronised, which meant I could speak freely about the issues.  Most importantly, when one has experienced difficulty in one's life there  is a greater need for compassion from those one is seeking help from and I sensed that from yourself.

 I look forward to finding solutions to my issues through these sessions. I think I may already have had a breakthrough. "

F. T.

" You asked powerful questions in the most softest manner, about my work. I identified the weak areas, which we spent a long time analysing. Than, with more powerful questions you challenged my goals, targets and turned my weakness into a funny red looking baboon. I explored many issues around Islam, faith, laws and where I stood on the areas.  I realised that the process pushed me to explore confusion and create clarity. I would highly recommend your services and tools. Thank You for bring ease into my life. "


"When I first visited Mubashar at Tripod training I was in a bit of a rut. I felt my life was going nowhere; I had two jobs in the care industry where the pay was poor and there was little prospect of promotion; I was single with very little self confidence; and I had several creative projects which seemed to be getting nowhere.

We focussed on my main goal, which was to complete the novel I had been writing on and off for about five years. Using a variety of techniques including hypnosis, time-line therapy and positive verbalization, we set goals and I visualized achieving those goals. I started my sessions with Mubashar around May, my novel was finished by the end of November then self published in December with an official launch date and book signing in February. During that time I also managed to complete another long term project (Well two in fact) publishing a comic and an illustrated short story in combined book form.

I have had a great deal of interest about my novel from friends and colleagues, having sold several copies, with plans to promote it further. I have dusted off my pile of old projects and am inspired to work my way through them, starting with a script for television.

I have also been given the confidence to apply for a managerial position at work and accept challenges outside of my comfort zone.

Tripod training gave me that extra push I needed to get me out of the rut I was in and to think more positively about my life."