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This is something we have ALL already experienced and do so, on a daily basis. This is just a process that allows the individual to concentrate their Unconscious Mind (UM) on certain issues - the UM is where the decisions are made, set and altered. The conscious mind (CM) is also used on a daily basis and this is where for example we decide when to cross the road or what colour shirt to wear for example. The CM takes in approx 135 bits of information where as the UM takes in approx 2M bits of information.

   Hypnosis is nothing new and the techniques used do not involve any manipulation of the individual as the are in control all the time. We have all experienced Hypnosis on a daily basis, such as when we're watching TV and don't hear the kettle finished boiling the water or may not heard someone for a moment asking what drink we want; this is a state of hypnosis.

   Although one may appear asleep; they're not. Although one may appear unconscious, they’re not. Although one may appear awake; they're not. Although one may appear not in control; they are.

   Hypnosis allows the individual to focus a deeper and greater attention to certain areas of their thoughts and of these 2M bits of information; which they wouldn't be able to do with their CM.