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This the language of the mind and how we receive and interpret information and how it effects our behaviour on a daily basis. Broken down, it means:

 Neuro: The signals and the neurological connections of the brain to different activities and thought processes.

 Linguistic: This is the language of the brain signals and how they are interpreted through our FIVE senses: touch, taste, smell, hear and sight.

 Programming: This is the way we already process and interpret the information and the neurological signals of the information we receive.

Hence anything we perceive through our five senses, through our choices of how we interpret it and implement it in our daily lives. In the same way we can choose to change this thinking and change our programming of information.


 The NLP Communication Model

   This diagram is the NLP Communication model which illustrates how we take in information through our 5 senses: Visual, Audio, Kinaesthetic, Olfactory and Gustatory. It also shows how our brain processes information and filters it either by generalisation, deletion or distortion. These filters are affected by our Time, Space, Matter and Energy; as well as our language, decisions, memory and values and beliefs. The information that we receive from external factors, through these filters and factors of influence; effects how we then internally represent this information and impacting our state and physiology. Thus this then results in our daily behaviour.

   This is NLP in a nutshell. Broken down and expanded; NLP is made up of several techniques which are applied as and when necessary depending on the presenting problem of the client. Just like a carpenter will not use all his tools in his toolbox at one time for each job; in the same manner, only those techniques will be applied as and when needed.

   NLP is not new and has many, many various techniques. They all work towards one purpose. That is to support the client in making changes by affecting the root-cause of the problem without dwelling deep into it like counselling or CBT. Rather by applying techniques that aide quicker change by impacting the thought-process and hence the neurons form new neurological connections by taking hold of positive thoughts and letting go of negative ones; simultaneously. 

   This would allow the individual to take hold of their goals by gaining clarity, confidence and motivation. The individual is also able to remove unwanted habits sooner by creating a vision for that which they now want and applying this as a replacement of a vision of that which they now don't want. Hence, when they visualise, feel and hear that which associates to the previous desired state; they now would be able to initiate the current desired state. There are many other techniques amongst the vast 'world' of NLP.