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T I M E L I N E   T H E R A P Y (TM).

   If you were asked your concept of time and which direction is your past and which is your future; there would easily follow a straight line between them, right? This is your timeline.

   On this basis of ones' timeline, was TimeLine Therapy TM founded by Dr Tad James in the US in the 90's. He found that by taking the individual's Unconscious Mind to various points in the individual's TimeLine to where the Unconscious Mind decided to behave in a certain way and accept certain emotions and 'labels', the UM can drop these labels and emotions and hence develop new neurological patterns which effect the individual in a positive light.

   TimeLine Therapy (TM) allows one to release emotional baggage that they have been storing, made up of 5 major emotions and in the following specific order; Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt and Guilt. ALL these emotions are experienced by every individual BEFORE the age of four. By letting go doesn't mean that one will not remember their past events or never again able to express these emotions; they will still remember these past events related to these emotions and they will be able to express these emotions at any given and required point in time. What this technique will do is to allow one to let go of the emotional baggage that they have held onto in the past up until the present; unconsciously and they will feel a difference; physically, mentally and spiritually. This powerful change-technique can also allow one to overcome their limiting beliefs and negative emotions.