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  "The two most important days of your life are; When you're born and when you find out why!" Mark Twain

Q/   Why should YOU learn NLP?



  • YOU want to improve in all areas of your life including communication skills and confidence,
  • YOU know you're better than where your life is NOW,
  • YOU need more control as well as excitement with a new challenge,
  • YOU want to and need to exemplify your greater importance and special meaning,
  • YOU need to share love, communication and connection with yourself and others, 
  • YOU have the need for continuous physical, mental, spiritual and emotional growth,
  • YOU are totally unique, original and have so much more to offer and to serve the world,
  • YOU must explore towards your potential to find your meaning.

If you agreed to ANY of the above; then you NEED to do THIS NLP Practitioner training.

Contact NOW to find out IF you qualify as only selected few are accepted.


Q/   What will YOU learn in the NLP Practitioner Course?


  • How to set goals and achieve them - and the major difference between dreams and goals,
  • How to change internal representations of how we perceive things,
  • How to connect with anyone and understand what communication really is,
  • Understand your language patterns at the subconscious level and how to turn them in your favour,
  • How to instantly trigger great feelings of confidence, motivation or positive states - or even many more at once,
  • How to resolve internal conflict and synchronise opposing emotions,
  • Improve personal and professional relationships at with family and at work,
  • Remove limiting beliefs and conquer negative emotions,
  • Understanding TimeLine and it's flexibility and need in making that change,
  • Persuasion language and Hypnosis,
  • And much, much more.

Full 8 days of training including manual. Eligible for ANLP Membership.

Q/   How will YOU learn all this in 9 days?

A/   This will be learned in 9 days through constantly engaging the unconscious mind and also immediately applying everything.

  • You will have an extensive manual which will be yours to keep to refer to as and when;
  • Smaller group sizes than many other trainings where there is not much 1-2-1 time nor is there enough interaction with the trainer directly;
  • You will be able to ask more questions;
  • You will also have continuous email support after the training; and between both modules: allowing you to practice more outside the training room and absorb more deeper;
  • You will have more hands on experience.
  • And much more...

Q/   What could happen if YOU went on this NLP Practitioner course?


  • You might improve all areas of your communication and gain more confidence like you never have before;
  • You might open up your understanding and your map of your world;
  • You might start to realise your potential knowing you have more to offer the world, towards your ultimate purpose;
  • You might learn and understand how to manage your emotions and your thoughts;
  • You might learn how to change unwanted habits and re-wire your brain for more resourceful habits;
  • You might improve relationships with yourself and others;
  • You might overcome many of your negative emotional baggage and limiting beliefs;
  • You might start a business or begin to excel more in your current one;
  • You might just start to use these learnings and techniques with others to help them move forward in life.. and get paid for it.
  • And much more...

Q/   When is the next NLP Practitioner Course?


Module 1:   October 2019


Module 2:   November 2019


Module 3:  December 2019

--- 9 days total. 

Q/   Where is this training course located? Are there easy transport access? And B&B's ?

A/   East London, UK. Yes; there is easy transport access and lots of B&B's.


Q/   How much is the NLP Practitioner course?

A/   USUAL PRICE £ 1,800.00. EARLY BIRD ONLY £ 1,500.00 when booked by 1st September 2019.


Q/   How do I book?

A/   Book Early Bird price ONLY with a 50% deposit before 1st September 2019, Full payment MUST be paid prior to start date of October 2019.

Or bring a friend and book two places for only £ 2,700.00 total.

Contact on: with your name and number; to find out if you QUALIFY. LIMITED PLACES.


Just some of what you will learn in the NLP MASTER PRACTITIONER ?

  • How to influence others more greatly in conversation,
  • Personal values and meta programs,
  • Understand values and behavioural patterns in business, and relationships and how to change these habitual patterns for more positive long-lasting impacts,
  • Understand how to model others and hence compress decades into days or even less in order to achieve a similar outcome-understand the mindset behind their success,
  • Presentation skills and training styles with the secrets of the experts,
  • Personal breakthrough session - understand how to deliver your own whilst also experience your own personal breakthrough,
  • TimeLine and it's necessity - releasing your emotional baggage you've been carrying from before the age of seven years old,
  • Learn deeper Hypnosis and take the mind further,

And much, much more.... 14 full days of training including manual. Eligible for ANLP Membership.

LIMITED places. Contact on: with your name and number; to find out if you QUALIFY.

Location for these trainings is East London, UK.