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Why Choose us? 

Why Tripod Training?

Tripod Training is for YOU also and everyone else out there who is not 100% satisfied inside; whether it's in your job, career, relationships, health, wealth or any other aspect of your life. Know that the limbs are mere projectors of the thoughts, feelings and emotions inside the heart and mind.  Tripod Training will work to strengthen this MIND-BODY connection so the body reflects what the mind really wants; not what it passively feels it has to be.  

With Tripod Training, one will enhance ones' performance to increase their CONFIDENCE, MOTIVATION, SELF-ESTEEM and SELF-WORTH.

Hence, we will work together with you works with individuals and groups to bring out the positive GEMS that are hidden inside all of us; waiting to be discovered.

This will be done by reaching into the depths of the individuals' heart, the depths of their mind, body and soul. By reaching further than their everyday conscious and into the depths of their unconscious; ones' own values and belief system will be accessed. The goodness and the PEARLS of POTENTIAL will be extracted and surfaced into their daily lives; in their speech and their behaviour; whilst becoming second nature.




The mindset of:

"Why me? ...

It's not fair ...

It's not my fault ...

It's because of so and so ....

I can't have....

I can't do...

I can't be..... 

I'll never be able to have/do/be....."

Is more common as this is easier and what we're used to. It's in our comfort zone and it's easy and 'safe'...

With some reflection, one comes to the questions of the big Why? Why? Why are you here? Why are you choosing to live your life daily the way you do and blame other factors; whether they're individuals or people or circumstances. Time and time again we will use the EXCUSES to convince ourselves that we are 'powerless', but are we? YOU are responsible and not ANYONE else.


The individual will be more content, they will be happy, settled with the inner peace. They will be in control of their life and their resources and emotions; knowing they have more resources and more options to achieve their GOALS without limitations. They will overcome obstacles. Their mindset will NOW become in a state of asking more questions as to "How can I get out of this?....What else can I do? What am I not doing that I should be doing and if I was doing; I'd have my goals?".

YOU are now at Cause and searching for solutions and alternatives and answers; rather than accepting what is happening and settling for it; you are looking to move FORWARD and PROGRESS towards your GOALS.

Welcome to Tripod Training Performance ???

How are you? I hope you're fantastic today.... and if you're not then you've STILL come to the right place. 

Tripod Training is based in East London and delivers personal development and coaching to individuals, groups and SME's, to anywhere in London and surrounding areas. This includes workshops and short courses.

Every professional whether in business or sport for example has a mentor, or coach. Do you have lack of MOTIVATION and CONFIDENCE? Are you losing SELF-ESTEEM, VALUE and PURPOSE? Are you CHALLENGED in your RELATIONSHIPS at work or at home? Are you affected by DEPRESSION or STRESS? Is WEIGHT-LOSS an issue for you? Are you struggling to keep your GOALS for this year? Now’s your chance to focus on what you’ve been putting off; YOU!

By easily and effortlessly, letting go of LIMITING BELIEFS and EMOTIONAL BAGGAGE that you’ve stored for many years - if you achieved your DREAMS and GOALS, seeing what you see, hearing what you hear and feeling what you feel - What would life be like?
Take CONTROL now, you live only once!

Regardless of economic and financial situations, in order to progress and grow; there MUST be development and nurturing. Just like plants need care and right feeding and conditions to grow so it can produce quality fruits continuously; the individual also needs the correct nurturing and academic and life experience education to grow and achieve. Tripod Training will deliver quality training in personal development and coaching.

 We can also provide training tailored to YOUR requirements.


We aim to have you leaving totally motivated and happy....

OR you have your negative mood back - no questions asked!

(No money is refunded - only your negative mood)

Anything the mind can conceive, anything it can perceive; the body can surely achieve.

It's your life! ...It's your choice! You only live once.

Live it; or die trying!

Welcome to Tripod Training Performance